But I post updates anyway. Right now, we are working on relocating the site, to a permanent home. This site is just way too wacky for me. It’s just a page linked to a free blog. Even though the blog is pretty, but that’s besides the point. I’d like a solid site, where everything is. A chat room, forums, information. So we will see.


Making progress.

August 20, 2007


The site is making tremendous progress, at the cost of my eyes and fingers. I’ve sat at the computer most of the day, coming up with new ideas for the forum and recruiting members, but I accomplished a lot today. We now have 3 Administrators and soon to be 2 Moderators. Go over to the forum and check out the Twilight Universe Team section, they’re listed there.

And once again I’ll say, if you’re interested in being a Moderator, let me know. So far all of the topics on the forum have no Moderator. As soon as I get enough Moderators recruited, I will assign each Moderator a few topics to, well, Moderate lol. Look after them, post winners if it’s a contest, basically run the whole section(s) they’re assigned. I can’t do it all myself. 😉

– Tony

Stephenie on ABC…again.

August 20, 2007

As many of you know, Stephenie was interviewed on Good Morning America, which aired the morning of August 7th on ABC. On the night of August 19th at 6:30 Eastern time, she featured on ABC again. It was on World News; at the end of the broadcast they had a report of how Eclipse is beating Harry Potter on some pretty big best-seller lists. One of them is USA Today. That list can be seen here: http://asp.usatoday.com/life/books/booksdatabase/default.aspx

I heard that the section of the telecast with Stephenie and Eclipse is on YouTube. So I shall post it here in case some of you missed it.


A community in progress.

August 19, 2007

Welcome to the Twilight Universe. This online community is under major construction. However, by the time it is done, I hope to have a forum and a chat room. It will be a lot of work and probably a lot of money. I think it will be worth it.

I decided to start my own fan community because, of course, I love Stephenie Meyer’s work. I also love to run and maintain websites, it’s a lot of fun. My hope is to connect other fans of Stephenie Meyer and Twilight in a fun, safe online environment. The whole site should be done by Christmas; but probably before then.

Thanks for visiting, and check back frequently to see if any changes have been made.

– Tony

P.S. After everything is completed and we’re up and running, I will need moderators for the chat room and the forums. If you’re interested let me know.