Making progress.

August 20, 2007

The site is making tremendous progress, at the cost of my eyes and fingers. I’ve sat at the computer most of the day, coming up with new ideas for the forum and recruiting members, but I accomplished a lot today. We now have 3 Administrators and soon to be 2 Moderators. Go over to the forum and check out the Twilight Universe Team section, they’re listed there.

And once again I’ll say, if you’re interested in being a Moderator, let me know. So far all of the topics on the forum have no Moderator. As soon as I get enough Moderators recruited, I will assign each Moderator a few topics to, well, Moderate lol. Look after them, post winners if it’s a contest, basically run the whole section(s) they’re assigned. I can’t do it all myself. 😉

– Tony


One Response to “Making progress.”

  1. popsicle8114 Says:

    I would love to be a moderator. Please let me know what the requirements are to become one =).

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