This is the main page of the Twilight Universe. It acts as a base, if you will. To explore the rest of the Universe, click any link under the “Universe” section of links on the right panel. So far, we have two branches of the Universe. One is a forum & chat, and the other is a Twilight Fan-Fiction branch (which is still under major construction). The forum & chat are basically complete and operational. The forum has many topics, contests and games that you might be interested in. Go have a look, and if you like what you see, feel free to register and post. The Chat Box is at the bottom of the forum.

The Fan-Fiction branch is a project in progress. I hope it will soon become fully operational with the help of my Twilight friend and soon-to-be Moderator of the Fan-Fiction branch, Hannah.

Any information on Stephenie Meyer or the Twilight Universe will be posted on the main page. Feel free to comment on the news posts.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you decide to become a part of the Universe.

3 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Noukou Says:

    wow Tony this is actually pretty great. Good job

  2. Emma Meyer Says:

    Hello Twilight Universe.

    I wanted to tell you how excited I am about a new fan site! I am as big of a fan as they get when it comes to Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. If there is any way I can help get this site going, I would love to. I am actually quite good with this kind of stuff. Email me if you want any help!

    Good luck

    Emma Meyer

  3. look.its_twilight. Says:

    hey Tony! great job on the site.

    I just registered for the Forum and Chat. I’m just waiting for the email so i can make my account active…

    can i be a mod? just wondering… thanks!


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